We Asked Ourselves:
'How can We Be Better Prepared?'

Is the Answer.

Active shooter events are sudden, terrifying and increasingly frequent events that require everyone – businesses, private citizens, schools, small organizations, and large venues– to be well prepared to accurately detect and figure out the chaos of the moment.
Ideally, these events would simply never occur. Unfortunately, that’s not a realistic expectation – and there’s never an ideal situation in which event information is 100% reliable.

The rise of automation is revolutionizing how we, as a community, respond to these tragic events, and being able to synthesize event data swiftly and accurately and alert first responders to a potential active threat will help keep our communities safe.

Trusting in the software deployed during times of crisis builds community trust in first responder response and action while reducing the amount of time active shooters can inflict damage.
To maintain competitiveness, companies will need to leverage technologies to be nimble, responsive, and cost-effective— and to consistently meet their customers’ rising expectations.

SignalQ provides that solution by integrating within software–not proprietary hardware – and allowing for real-time, reliable data processed at the edge of networks to be provided for first responders and emergency personnel as they respond to an ongoing event.
By integrating SignalQ’s patent-pending technology into commonly available devices, such as mobile phones— as well as existing systems, sensors and applications— organizations of all sizes can better respond when events occur without the clunky, expensive specialty hardware-based solutions that require a
ton of manpower, hours of training, and frequent manual updating.
In short, SignalQ helps communities build trust through transparency and accuracy.
It helps first-responders gain more accurate situational awareness — decreasing risk to everyone involved and increasing opportunities for effective interventions.

We believe it will save lives. And that’s what matters most.

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