The 'Software-Only' Solution for Gunshot Detection

Our solution delivers critical information during times of crisis through advanced sensor and noise detection software. Designed with security and accuracy in mind, SignalQ analyzes audio data from multiple sources in real-time and classifies it based on noise, frequency, and geolocation.

SignalQ’s modular concept and custom-built libraries enable targeted adaptation of your existing mobile phone apps and monitoring systems to the ever-growing number of threats— using non-invasive information gathering over your specified location or geographical area.

SignalQ can pinpoint when and where active events are occurring through cluster reporting and precision alerts.

How It Works

None of us know when tragic events are going to happen.
So, we must respond quickly and strategically when they do—with trusted tools already in place and data we can rely on.

SignalQ is a gunshot detection algorithm that leverages a non-homogenous array of audio collection devices to identify and classify gunshots. Our solution leverages common hardware, found on mobile devices, computers, etc. to collect, analyze and alert when acoustic signals are detected that have a high probability of gunshot characteristics.

This is a high-density, low-cost sensor approach that means every additional sensor adds to the accuracy of SignalQ’s calculations. Our triangluation algorithm identifies the shockwave for the type of gun and bullet caliber— as well as the direction and bearing of the shooter.

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Crowdsourcing for
Enhanced Accuracy

SignalQ offers the unique capability to crowdsource between the different devices, which helps provide the line of bearing of the shooter without requiring any specialized hardware or coherent microphone arrays.
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No other solution can create an acoustically matching “pattern of life” for your environment—using our algorithm and neural learning network—to overlay on top of all the known weapon sounds.
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Secure data encryption prohibits the manual reclassification of sounds and location coordinates. Monitor the spectrum with the best price-to-performance ratio on the market.
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Detailed Reports

Automatically generate detailed reports of objective and factual evidence.
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Data Ownership

Retain ownership of your data— and the right to use it in an unrestricted manner such as sharing with outside entities like partners, research institutions, and other agencies.
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Configure SignalQ to become active/inactive when mobile phone users enter or leave a predefined geographic area. SignalQ can deploy remotely with network and triggering capabilities for continuous monitoring of your environment— whether it’s a school campus, office or retail location, or a battlefield.
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SignalQ is a zero-SWaP solution embedded into your existing apps and systems. It’s processing happens “at the edge,” meaning that the audio samples are processed on the device— and only relevant information is sent to your alerting system once it’s been triggered.
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